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Dick Miller Racing -Performance Olds parts supplier.

Greg's Performance . Specializing in street to all out Oldsmobile race parts and race cars. When you want to Go Faster.... call Greg

Olds Performance Products . Specializing in Oldsmobile race parts. Home of the quickest and fastest Oldsmobile rockets on planet earth.

Rocket Racing Performance Page. Engine Building From mild street to all out competition, Head porting, In house flow bench testing.

FCR Performance Page. Oldsmobile parts retailer and head porter.

Real Olds Power - THE Olds Racing Bulletin Board on the web. I recommend this board to everyone. Serious Olds racers hang out here!!

RobbMc Performance. We specialize in automotive products available nowhere else. We offer NASCAR style high performance mechanical fuel pumps and swivel water necks for Oldsmobile engines.

Kooks Custom Headers Page. Makers of a high quality tubular header for Oldsmobiles. Established in 1962, we have a reputation for making the highest quality and performing header and exhaust in the industry.

Smith Brothers Pushrods Page. Smith Brothers has been supplying the industry with superior quality pushrods since 1953. The engine builder can rely on Smith Brothers to supply them with the correct part with quick turn-around that will keep the project on time and get you ready for the next race.

Pro-Gram Engineering Page. Manufacturer Specializing In Race Engine Speciality Parts, ie. Main Caps, Main Cap Support Straps, Main Cap Stud Kits, Rear Main Oil Seals, Carburetor Spacers, and more for Oldsmobiles.

M&J Performance Page. Manufacturer Specializing In Oldsmobile Speciality Parts.

Hampton's Blower Page. Finest Superchargers on the market today. A past two-time NHRA Drag Racing National Champion, Hampton knows what racers need and customizes every blower to fill the needs of drag racers, boat racers and the hot rod, street rod owners. Hampton's in the place to get OLDSMOBILE blower manifolds!!

Osborn's 76 Race Gas Info Page. Learn more about race gas, avgas, what to use....etc. Check out this link. Excellent place to learn about the different fuels and requirements to run them.

Mondello -Performance Olds parts supplier. Check with prices and return policy before ordering parts here.

Detroit Street Rockets This page is dedicated to a local car club called the Oldsmobile Street Rockets of Detroit. 140+ cars that are stock, customized, and or modified.

Dave's 8 Sec Olds This site is dedicated to Dave's 1974 Olds 442. This car is purpose built to race in the NMCA EZ Street Class.

Greg's 11 sec '72 Cutlass-A good site to go to. Greg's '72 has gone 11.6's @ 115 on Slicks and through the exhaust. The car is streetable and he drives it to the track.

Mark's 11 sec '72 W-30-A parts breakdown for a '72 W-30 that has run a best of 11.85 @ 112.96 mph.

Sweden's best Olds Site!-Check Hank and his friend's fast Oldsmobiles in Sweden.


Supercars Unlimited -Cutlass and 442 is all we do. Performance and restoration parts.

Year One -A great source for Oldsmobile restoration parts.

Fusick Restoration Parts - Fusick has been serving Oldsmobile restorers since 1971. Fusick has over 1000 tools in use to bring non-existent parts back to your market place.

Brother's Automotive - Specializes in Oldsmobiles, and have over 1,200 new items for the restoration of 1964-1979 Oldsmobiles. They are your source for General Motors licensed and approved restoration parts.

Mark Cornea's Olds Decal Site Restoring your Olds? This page has a wide array of reproduction decals and literature to make your Olds stand out.


The 442 page -Bryceman's Olds Page. Parts for sale, parts wanted, cars, info, technical,...the list goes on and on. It's by far the best one out there.

Automotive Math Programs I - Aerodynamic and Rolling HP Loss, Compression Ratio, MPG stimation, Speedometer Gear Calibration, RPM & MPH Correlation, Best Differential Gear, Best Header, Battery Cold-Cranking Amp Estimation, Compression Ratio Influence, Engine Displacement, Driveshaft Velocity, Roadway Vehicle Dynamometer, ET and MPH Environmental Correction, Cylinder Head Flow Correction, Holley Carburetor Jet Program, Intake Runner Harmonic Pulse Prediction, Fuel Injector Sizing, Rough Engine Horsepower Estimation, RPM Range Program, Optimum Shift Point.

Automotive Math Programs II - Calculate fuel requirements, Speedometer Error, Optimum Header Length, G Force at 60 Feet, Maximum Air Capacity, Optimum Carburator Size, Cubic Inches, Effects of Gear Ratios, RPM's and Tire Sizes, ompression Ratios, ET and MPH from Horsepower and Weight, Horsepower from ET and Weight, Horsepower from MPH and Weight, Average Piston Speed, NHRA Correction Factors, Correct ET from Standard Conditions, Correct ET to Standard Conditions, Shift Point Calculator.

Olds FAQ -This page has so much Olds info. Too much to list. Check it out.

Olds Cutlass SX Info Page Interested in Cutlass SX's?? Visit this page for all the info you ever wanted to know.

Nichi Bei Bussan -Looking for the perfect asian gift for someone? Click here and check out this web page. Has books, martial arts, fabrics, fashion, crafts, home decor, and more.