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   It all starts back in 1986 for me and my Olds.  I was a junior in high school looking for a car. My dad and I decided to get a "fixer-upper" so I could learn about cars. We looked at Mopars, Fords, and even some Chevy's. They were all pretty beat up when we saw them. Then My dad took me to see a car that was being sold by a guy named Charles who lived in Burlingame, Ca. On the way there he told me it was an Oldsmobile Cutlass. I looked at him and said "An Olds??" I thought we were looking for a performance car dad...Excuse my lack of knowledge back then..
   Well, we get to Charles' place and he pulled up a minute after we got there.  I was in Love with the car the minute I saw it.  They say there's no such thing as love at first sight...HA!!   There is.
   Anyways, without boring you to death, the exterior of the car looks pretty much the same as it does when I got it. I've repainted it the factory color (#28 1970 Olds Twilight Blue Metallic) back in 1990, Re-did the headliner in 1989. Re-did the top in 1991. The car didn't come from the factory with a vinyl top but the owner before me had one installed.
   Below is a listing of the changes my Olds has gone through. If you have any comments or questions please use the comments box at the bottom or Email me!!

ORIGINAL CAR (as I bought it) STATS
CarWhite interior, Bench seat, Column Shift, 14x7 SSII rims, 225/70/14 Dunlop Tires, 3900lbs with me in it
EngineRocket 350 2bbl. 120,000 Miles. Totally bone stock
TrannyTotally stock TH350 and converter
RearendStock 10 Bolt 2.56:1
OptionsA/C, PS, PB.......Factory looking but not original wing, and that's it.
PerformanceAre you kidding? It did get decent gas mileage

FIRST STEP..same as above except:
EngineAdded factory 4bbl intake and Quadrajet carb. Kenne-Belle 1 3/4" headers. Open element air cleaner
Exhaust2 1/4" pipes w/sonic turbo mufflers cut before rear axle
TrannyB&M stage 2 shift kit
RearendCh--y 12 Bolt Posi w/3.31:1 factory gears
OptionsRally pack
Performance14.72 @92 mph (Baylands Raceway Fremont, CA)

SECOND STEP..same as above except:
EngineOriginal engine developed a rod knock at 160,000 miles. Built 1968 455. SPECS: .030 over, 7.9:1 compression, Holley 750 vac sec, Edelbrock Performer intake, Speed Pro cam(.472,.496/214, 224 @.050), "C" heads w/mild porting, W-30 exhaust manifolds, factory forged crank and rods, stock HEI, Moroso air cleaner and K&N air filter
TrannyStock TH400 and converter from a 1968 442
Tires245/60/14 BFGoodrich (front and back)
OptionsBuckets from a 66 Olds and a Factory Dual Gate shifter/console
Performance13.64 @102 mph (Sacramento Raceway, Sacramento, CA)

THIRD STEP..same as above except:
Engine800 cfm Holley Dbl Pumper, Mondello stamped steel roller rocker arms, Engle cam (.496 .512 / 226, 230 @.050), SS valves (2.072, 1.710), Hooker 1 7/8 Super Comp Headers, 1/2" fuel line from the tank forward, Holley "Blue" electric fuel pump
Exhaust2 1/2" pipes w/3 chamber Flowmaster mufflers
TrannyRebuilt TH400 TCI 11" converter, Deep oil pan
Tires(front) 245/60/15 BFGoodrich, (rear)285/60/15 McCreary DOT tires
Rearend3.73:1 Richmond Gears, Southside Machine Company lower control arms
Performance13.01 @105 mph (Sears Point Raceway, Sonoma, CA)
w/125 hp NOS 12.44 @ 113.65 mph (Sacramento Raceway, Sacramento, CA)

FOURTH STEP..same as above except:
Engine10.3:1 compression, block is squared and decked to (0) zero, Torker intake, 750 cfm Demon Dbl Pumper, Engle JM22-25 cam (.512 .523 / 230, 236 @.050), Mallory 140gpm electric fuel pump, Removed dual oil filters.
Exhaust3" pipes, Home made X-Corssover, 2 chamber Flowmaster mufflers w/turndowns at the rear axle
TrannySame as above.
Tires(rear)275/60/15 BFGoodrich Drag T/A's
Rearend"C-clip" eliminator kit, CE adjustable rear shocks
Performance12.54 @108 mph (Bremerton Raceway, Bremerton, WA)
w/150 hp NOS 11.89 @ 119.22 mph (Seattle International Raceway, Seattle, WA)

FIFTH STEP..same as above except:
EngineHP 950 cfm Holley Dbl Pumper, UltraDyne Solid cam (.560 .560 / 251*, 262* @.050 / 110 LC), Cam advanced to a 104 LC (Per UD recommendations) Rollmaster timing chain, Smith Bro's 10.050" hardened/restricted pushrods, blocked coolant bypass on H20 pump, MT aluminum valvecovers.
ExhaustDick Miller Racing Header Flow Plates
TrannyCoan 10" 3500 converter
TiresSame as above
RearendW-27 rearend cover, Jeg's adjustable upper rearend control arms
Performance12.20 @109.50 mph (Bremerton Raceway, Bremerton, WA)
w/150 hp NOS..... never ran it with this combo.

SIXTH STEP..same as above except:
    This step is the last step my Olds has taken and it's located on my home page you first saw. Who knows where it'll go from here. I love to drive it on the street and if I squeeze any more horsepower out of it, I'm afraid I won't be able to drive it comfortably on the street. Well, now you know the story behind my Olds and what changes it's gone through. As you can probably tell...I love it to pieces. Please feel free to fill out the comments and questions form and send it to me. I love exchanging Go Fast tips and ideas with other Olds people. Nothing better than an Olds showing it's tail lights to a Ford, Chevy, Mopile....etc.

Any Comments or Questions?